Winter Wellness Workshop

You Don’t have to wait until January 1st to take care of yourself.

The average American gets between 2-4 colds per year, while children get an average of 6-8. With the weather changes, holiday stress, and increased time spent indoors, it’s no wonder that our immune system begins to run a little ragged!

Are you ready for cold and flu season?

Many reach for over-the-counter treatments to help suppress the symptoms of the common cold, but others have begun to explore the more natural and less invasive treatments of our common ailments. Perhaps we have a longing to become more self-sufficient, or maybe we are increasingly concerned of what the warning labels reveal as well as all the conflicting information of what is safe and what isn’t.

Regardless of your reasons, incorporating more natural and herbal alternatives is a safe, easy, and fun way to keep ourselves and our families healthy.

When: Sunday, November 24, 2-3:30 p.m.

Where: Bumblebee Cottage Holistic Wellness, 336 McKee St., Suite B., Batavia, IL 60510

In this FREE workshop you will learn about:

  • Kitchen herbs that will keep you and your family healthy this season
  • Boosting your immune system naturally
  • Overcoming holiday stress
  • Creating a Wellness Plan to survive the holidays

You will also have the opportunity to:

  • Sample delicious teas and healthy snacks
  • Delve hands-on into this dynamic and interactive workshop
  • Get to know one of the most amazing illness-treating plants that grows right in your own back yard
  • Learn about the benefits of Reiki with special guest Nikki Massa-Hillyer of Sprayroma Therapy

This workshop is FREE, but registration is required. Limited space available – reserve your spot today!

Wellness Swag Bag for all participants!

This is a hands-on, dynamic workshop – be prepared to have fun!

This workshop is FREE but registration is required.

Stay tuned for more information about The 2020 Whole Foods Detox – Starts January 6th. Limited time Buy-one-get-one pricing opens soon!

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Bumblebee Cottage Holistic Wellness      – 336 McKee St., Suite B – Batavia, IL 60510