Massage Oil




Goldenrod Massage Oil 5 oz glass bottle

Solidago Canadensis is the botanical plant of daisy family. Commonly know as Goldenrod, these bright yellow flowers have been low-heat infused with organic almond oil to bring forth the anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing properties. As an interesting side note, the term Solidago was derived from the Latin term solidare which means to “make whole.”  As a tea or salve, Goldenrod brings warmth and circulation to the body. When applied directly to the skin through massage, these properties are even more intensified and will surely make you feel “whole” again.

As an added bonus, Goldenrod is excellent for the skin and helping to relieve inflammatory conditions such as acne and eczema. It tightens and cleanses the skin with its astringent and antiseptic properties to help skin looking young and fresh.

For massage, use as an all-over massage body oil, or focus on aches and trouble spots. Can also be used as a skin moisturizer.