Goth Girl Sugar Scrub




Goth Girl Sugar Scrub 4 oz

For a limited time only during the season of Samhain! A beautiful representation of all things autumnal: a nostalgic blend of spice, cloves, cider, burning leaves, and sweet cider.

Taking time to give the gift of self-care is a simple way to nurture the body, mind, and spirit – especially during this season when the days grow shorter and the nights loom longer. Blended with organic sugar and soothing organic coconut oil, this scrub is good for any skin type and will bring feelings of peace and relaxation.  Leaves skin moisturized, but not greasy.

Made in tiny batches and made with intention.

Directions:  Apply to wet skin, massage gently with fingertips or a washcloth.  Rinse gently and pat dry.

The moisturizing qualities of coconut oil and olive oil can make the tub slippery – so be careful!