Freesia Exfoliating Scrub




Freesia Exfoliating Scrub 5 oz

This was the number one best seller last month at the Farmer’s Market, and it’s no surprise – nothing quite compares to the richly floral aroma of freesia. This natural flower scent is long-lasting but not over powering.

Taking time to give the gift of care to one’s self or a loved one is a simple way to nurture the body, mind, and spirit. Blended with organic sugar and soothing organic coconut oil, this scrub is good for any skin type and will bring a moment of happiness to even the most hectic of days.  Leaves skin moisturized, but not greasy.

Made in tiny batches and made with intention.

Directions:  Apply to wet skin, massage gently with fingertips or a washcloth.  Rinse gently and pat dry.

The moisturizing qualities of coconut oil can make the tub slippery – so be careful!

5 oz.