Crazy Cat Lady Lip Balm




Crazy Cat Lady Lip Balm 1 oz

Don’t let the name fool you – this lip balm isn’t just for cat lovers, but anyone looking for a unique flavor or special gift.  We grow our very own catnip blends here on the Half-Acre farm and are home to many a feline pilgrimage destination. This lip balm is the result of a five day low heat infusion in sweet almond oil which is then whipped into coconut oil.  These two particular oils create a soft, moisturizing blend and help to complement the earthy and slightly minty aroma of the catnip.

Many are familiar with the euphoric effect catnip has on cats, but on people, this herb is know to have calming and relaxing qualities.  Catnip contains nepetalactone, which is said to improve relaxation and reduce anxiety.

If kitty happens to get into this lip balm, not to worry – all the ingredients are kitty safe. But be warned – this can have the same effect as the plain crushed herb.