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Holistic Health and Wellness coaching for a more balanced and beautiful life.

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The Story

It was 1999 and the artist formerly known as Prince was partying like it was no other.  Most of the civilized world was in a panic about Y2K, and instead of living it up as young gal in her early 20’s, Sarah’s weight and life were becoming unmanageable.  As the needle on the scale crept closer and closer to the big three-oh-oh, Sarah had trouble walking up stairs, was suffering from prediabetes, and couldn’t fit into the seat of a roller coaster. 

To say her life was out of balance would have been an understatement.

After a medical scare, Sarah began what would become a total transformation of body and mind.  With massive changes in nutrition, her relationship with food, and overall attitude about wellness, Sarah achieved a healthy weight and has maintained this healthy weight and lifestyle for nearly twenty years…

Sarah is devoted to motivating and empowering others to become accountable for their health and looking at weight and weight loss as just one aspect of wellness.  Today, Sarah works with a growing number of women who have had struggles with their weight and health and are truly ready to make positive lifestyle changes.  By approaching wellness in a holistic manner and seeing health as more than a number on the scale, Sarah helps others break out of the vicious “diet cycle” and begin living  with more joy and beauty.

The Mission Statement:

No matter where we are on our paths in life, there is beauty if all of us, and joy in the journey.  We all have the ability to bring more balance and beauty into our lives through nutrition, activity, and emotional wellness.  Sarah works with each client to nurture her own strength and to empower her to reach her full potential.

Wellness Coaching:

“Coaching” is not a “diet” and “Wellness” is more than a number on the scale.  As a holistic health and wellness coach, Sarah works to support the whole person – physically, emotionally, and intellectually – to create an individualized wellness plan that is best for each client.  There is no “perfect” solution for optimal health, and no “one-size-fits-all” diet.  What might work for a friend or neighbor won’t always work for another.  As a wellness coach, Sarah strives to empower people to achieve balance and wellness in all aspects of their lives by building long-term, healthy habits and behaviors, and empowering clients to maintain these skills for a lifetime.  Sarah offers a variety of coaching packages and a complimentary wellness consultation for those wishing to learn more.


Sarah offers a variety of individual, ongoing, and group workshops for people who are ready to take charge of their health.   Many people who attend these programs have been lifetime dieters and may have had a variety of successes, but somehow lost their path along the way.  Others have had a health scare and know that if they do not make changes, that they are headed down a dangerous path.  Some join the group programs with the specific goal of losing weight and enjoy the added support of a group environment.  Some feel like they are ready to give up.  Wherever you may be on your wellness journey, you need only the willingness to take the next step.

Sarah certified Holistic Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer and has spent the last two decades educating herself and others on all aspects of wellness – physical, emotional, and intellectual.   It is her passion to share her experience and bring empowerment to others who have had their own struggles.  

Why Bees?

The bumblebee defies the laws of physics; technically a bumblebee should not be able to fly as it is aerodynamically impossible!  This speaks to the self-inflicted limitations we put on ourselves.  A bumblebee doesn’t waste time thinking about how he’s not supposed to be able to fly – he just does!  And so can we.  

Ready to be your best?


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