Herbal Medicine Consultations

Covid-19 Updates

Currently, client meetings and consultations are conducted on the phone or Zoom.

Remember, there is herbal and natural relief for coughing, congestion, immune boosting, and mood!

Sliding scale available for those in need.

What to Expect

Working with a clinical herbalist is a wonderful way to empower your healing journey and receive guidance and support. An initial consultation is recommended for all new clients. This initial session includes a look at your total health history and health goals and last from 45-60 minutes. A complete review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional/mental/spiritual health patterns will be explored. 

In general, follow-up consultations take place three to four-weeks after you begin taking your herbal formulas. Your follow up consultation will allow you to check in regarding your progress and will give you an opportunity to reflect on your healing journey. 

The number of follow up visits will vary depending on your individual health goals. For general wellness, two to three follow up visits are recommended. For chronic or more complicated health concerns, more follow up visits may be necessary. 


Your first appointment will last approximately 60 minutes during which time we will go through your full health history including any previous or current health problems and dietary and lifestyle practices. During this time we will also set health and wellness goals and develop an integrated herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle protocol to support you in achieving those goals. After the consultation you will receive written guidance, via email, regarding the nutritional, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations suggested.

Please note that suggested herbs and supplements are not included in the cost of the consultation. You will have the option of purchasing herbs in the form of teas and tinctures directly at an additional cost to the consultation fee. If you choose to do so, these will be dispensed onsite during your first appointment.

Initial appointments last from 45-60 minutes and cost $50.00. Please note that the price of herbs is not included in the consultation fee.



Your first return appointment is usually scheduled within 2-4 weeks of your first consultation. Follow up sessions take 20-30 minutes and is an opportunity for us to check in on progress and discuss any questions you may have about your personalized herbal protocol. After this time, return appointments are usually scheduled monthly until your health and wellness goals have been achieved.  

Return appointments last approximately 30 minutes and cost $25.00. Please note that the price of herbs is not included in the consultation fee.



Curious to learn more about how holistic wellness can be helpful to your unique situation? Schedule a complimentary info session. These appointments last approximately 15 minutes and are designed for those who are looking for more information about whether herbalism and holistic wellness may be the right path for them. This is also an opportunity for clients to get to know Sarah, and her clinical philosophy and rationale, prior to making the commitment to a full consultation.


For current clients, Herbal Help Sessions are also available to address simple or self-care issues as they arise (for example, cold and flu support, UTI support, skin issues, joint pain).


The cost of herbs is NOT included in the consultation price. Although you are not expected or required to purchase herbal supplements, prices reflect the desire to keep herbalism accessible, affordable, and sustainable. If you prefer to purchase herbal supplements elsewhere, other sources can be recommended, but can not guaranteed in regards to quality or sustainability.

As each person is unique, so will be the herbs and protocols suggested for you. We will discuss herbal recommendations during your consultation to figure out what will work best for you and your budget. 

All major credit cards are accepted.

Healthcare should never be cost prohibitive. Sliding scale available for those in need.