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Special Event! Pop-Up Apothecary!

Come visit us at the Batavia Farmer’s Market on Saturday, August 17th from 8 a.m. until noon.

for the crazy cat lady in all of us…

We will be featuring many new products including:

  • Five tea blends – including one that will help you hang on to summer a little longer
  • 12 flavors of lip balm for people plus one for cats
  • Seven moisturizing sugar scrubs – including one you can actually put on toast
  • Three things to help deal with stress
  • Almost two dozen herbal remedies, ointments, and salves
  • Four fragrances
  • Nine skin care creams and toners to deal with acne, wrinkles, and everything in between
  • Three hair treatments
  • Two kinds of gift sets
  • One new skin care starter kit
  • And 17 things you didn’t know you needed

We will also be taking reservations and deposits for this year’s Elderberry Syrup – this syrup is very concentrated and not diluted with fruit juices (like many store brands). Elderberry Syrup is available in very limited quantities so be sure to secure your order soon. Stop by or email for more info. Local only.


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