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If you bite it, you write it

Keeping a food journal can be an enlightening experience and has numerous benefits. I encourage you to print out the sample journal below and faithfully write down every bite and taste that goes into your mouth for at least five days. Don’t worry about guilt or shame – just eat what you normally eat. The purpose here is to gather data, not a judgement. Be honest and as accurate as you can. You can also track your water intake and keep notes on how you are feeling after meals. If you prefer something fancier, there are no shortage of lovely journals and trackers available – both physical and apps. A spiral notebooks works great, too! Do what works for you.

After you have collected your data for several days, please contact me for a free 15 minute nutritional consultation.

Benefits of Food Journaling

  • More mindful eating
  • Greater awareness of what you’re eating
  • Discovering patterns and trends
  • Understanding where you might have a nutrient surplus or deficit
  • Identifying trigger foods and situations
  • Detecting food intolerances
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