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Rosehips are Red…

Make Rosehip Syrup for yourself or someone you love.

Rosehips are one of the most recognizable wild edibles when foraging.  The bright splash of color is often quite stunning against a wintery backdrop, and makes for easy identification and harvesting. Depending upon the variety of rosehips, they may be tiny and barley-shaped, or larger – nearly the size of small cherry tomatoes.  If you are foraging your own rosehips, try to use them sooner rather than later.  Don’t forget to leave some for the birds – rosehips are an important part of our feather friends’ winter diets.  Fresh is best, as long-term dried storage lessens the potency.  Also, be sure that the rosehips you are harvesting have not been treated with any pesticides.

All rosehips are edible, but don’t just chomp them right off the bush – each hip is filled with seeds and tiny hairs that can be irritating if swallowed.  Full of vitamin C, rosehips are also an excellent immune booster.  Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, there are even studies that show rosehips being a successful herbal treatment for relieving the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  (Arthritis Foundation)

Check out my recipe for a delicious syrup that can be used as an herbal supplement for arthritis, to strengthen the immune system, and as a delightful dessert topping.  That sounds like a triple-win in my book!

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