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The Plan to Health and Wellness

Give yourself the gift of wellness! Invest in Yourself.

Do you need to:

  • Change your diet?
  • Lose Weight?
  • Exercise more?
  • Become more organized?
  • Set goals?
  • Manage stress?
  • Bring more balance into your life?
  • Learn how to healthy meal prep?

Are you ready for a whole life reboot?

Six months. Start to finish. Change your life.

If your life has become unmanageable, and you are serious about making changes in your life, the 6-Month Wellness Plan will guide you along the path towards a total life transformation.

A holistic health and wellness coach assists anyone in working to achieve a variety of goals. Areas of focus often include improving life balance as it applies to family, relationships, health, career, nurturing creativity, and all aspects of personal growth, goal-setting and personal truth discovering. By working with a holistic health and wellness coach, you are committing yourself to achieving your personal best and accomplishing more than you ever thought possible.  

It is possible to become the person you have always wanted to be. 

Sign up for the 6-Month Wellness Plan to kick start your path to wellness.  Six months. Start to finish.  Change your life. During our sessions, you will learn to use the tools and real life practical strategies to help navigate your customized path to wellness.  Together, we will set up your unique SMART goals to help you see and live the results you want.  Whatever life goals you have, we will work to outline the best choices for you so you can live the life you have been longing for. 

What this is:

An individualized plan that takes a holistic approach to wellness. 

During our sessions, we will explore many aspects of wellness, including: physical, mental, and emotional.  The work we do will be on the whole person, helping you to achieve the beauty and balance you deserve in ALL aspects of your life.

 What the 6-Month Plan includes:

  • 4-6 private, hour long coaching sessions per month
  • Personal fitness assessments
  • Custom fitness plan and personal training session
  • Nutritional profile
  • Healthy meal plan development that fits your lifestyle, preference, and skill level
  • Journaling
  • Invitation to client-only workshops and events

 Currently accepting a limited number of new clients. Please contact me to set up an initial interview and free consultation. 

Six months. Start to finish. Change your life.

Today could be the day!

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