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Goldenrod and Clover

A successful harvesting trip!  Nothing quite says End of Summer like fields of vibrant goldenrod blooming in the prairie.  With over 100 species of goldenrod found all around the world, it is no surprise that these flowers can thrive in a variety of growing conditions.  Unfortunately, this flower often gets a bad rap for “causing allergies,” when it is actually ragweed who is the culprit.  There are actually scientific studies that show the goldenrod actually helps allergy sufferers due to its mild drying and astringent properties

The folklore associated with the Salidago species is as diverse as its biosphere.  Native American tradition long supports the use of these plants for wound healing, and the various healing benefits can be traced to Scotland as well. Other uses have been associated with supporting kidney and liver function.  And nothing quite helps to relieve sore muscles like a massage with an oil infusion of goldenrod flowers.

Finally, for those wishing to incorporate more wild food into their diets, the top several inches of the plants can be snipped off, just before full bloom, and lightly breaded and fried! The flower clusters themselves are a wonderful bit of sunshine yellow to add to salads.  These beautiful flowers will be dried and used for tea and massage cream. goldenrod

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