Wellness Coaching

Coaching and Transformation Packages

Real-life guidance to support and enable you to achieve optimal wellness – living well with good habits and big changes for sustained health and happiness.

The Healthy for Life Plan

I have health challenges and I really need support! Please help me achieve and maintain a healthy life. I need to lose weight and I feel like I’ve tried everything. I have a budget to transform myself and want essential health and well-being guidance. I know I want to be healthier and lose weight, but I don’t know where to start. I also need a new mindset as well as physical fitness. I know I need to quit putting this off and I need someone to keep me accountable. Can you help me big time to build a healthier ME?

The Healthy for Life Plan Includes:

  • 4 one-on-one 50 minute coaching sessions per month for a total of 24 during the six-month period
  • Personal Health assessment
  • Intense one-on-one work with health challenges
  • Email/texting support and motivation between sessions
  • Weight loss resources and support
  • Detoxing from bad habits
  • Extensive support working through my signature 10 Step Path to Wellness
  • Personalized fitness plan
  • Invitation to client-only workshops and events

What difference it will make to YOU:

  • Foundation to a healthy body
  • Understanding and awareness of health challenges
  • Overcome body challenges
  • Body changes for better health
  • Accountability
  • More self-love
  • More self-belief
  • Increased energy
  • More focus and confidence about your body
  • Better nutrition
  • Better exercise, sleep, digestion, and relaxation
  • Wellness for life

Healthy for Life 6 month plan: $225/month. Discounts when paid in full. Sign up with a friend and save 10%!

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The Elite Living Plan

I feel stuck in life, overwhelmed, confused about certain areas of my life. I need the right steps, tools, and exercises to challenge myself. I want to change my life – I need to! I want to improve my health, love career, lifestyle, and happiness, but I have no idea where to even begin. I am going to invest in ME and finally DO IT. I need to start now and stop making excuses.

The Elite Living Plan includes:

  • 4 one-on-one 50 minute coaching sessions per month for a total of 12 during the three-month period
  • Personal Life assessment
  • Intense work one-on-one with health challenges
  • Work-Life Balance assessment
  • Email/texting support and motivation between sessions
  • Mindfulness and gratitude training
  • Visioning and designing your life
  • Journaling and strategic planning
  • Habit building and habit breaking
  • Your Elite Living Plan

What difference it will make to YOU:

  • Empowerment
  • Self-Awareness
  • Health and well-being
  • Love for yourself and others
  • Strength to deal with challenges
  • Loving life more
  • More courage and less fear
  • Finding your Fabulous and your Purpose

Elite Living 3 month plan: $225/month. Discounts when paid in full.

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The Buzz Session

One 60 minute coaching session to explore an area of your life you need support in, as well as find out your biggest challenges and frustrations. This session will empower you with the right guidance and outline priority areas in your life that need attention. You will gain the resources and soundboard you need to take the next steps.

Buzz session rates $60/hr. No discounts apply.

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Ask yourself this question: Will I be happy if I am in the exact same spot six months from now?